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Our Services

SAMA Advertising aims to be the most effective agency for marketing information to the multicultural segment of North America, especially in the African and Caribbean market.

Public Relations

SAMA's strategy let's your message seep into your target audience's consciousness directly or indirectly through our connections to the electronic, print and social media. You or your organization can be front and center or we can employ proxies to do the job for you. You control the narrative!


Ad planning and buying is our core strength but we are no slouches when it comes to creating radio, television, print and digital adverts for the multicultural segment with cross over appeal to the mass market.


We collaboratively work with the client to design a marketing plan that draws on our deep understanding of the multicultural market. We deploy a set of marketing strategies based on the observed demographic and psychographic make up of the target audience.

Tapping into Cultures

We use all creative, social and technological tools from our resourceful and dynamic community, to maximize the penetration of communication in order to activate the intended audience.

Breaking Through Ethnic Boundaries

At SAMA advertising we understand the language of the Trini and the Yardie; the difference between Jollof and Pilau rice; Nollywood and Bollywood. Allow us to leverage our belonging and understanding of the multicultural communities to your advantage.

Our Partners